Professional Graphic Design

Professional Graphic Design

Course Objectives:

A graphic designer can earn independently as a freelancer or being a part of any organization, where regular job hours doesn’t matter unless the creativity inside him. The service field of a graphic designer is quite widespread, from private to government organization there are huge career opportunities left for graphic designers.

Graphic design allows to create logo, flyer, brochure, catalog, business card, posters, branding of a product or business, corporate graphic, website, UI, UX, web banner, digital marketing campaign related ad, Photoshop, vector and vector illustration, info graphic, technical illustration and visualization

Course outline:

  1. Introducing to the Graphic Design Industry
  2. Why Graphic design?
  3. Introducing with Photoshop
  4. Photoshop Document Setup
  5. Screen Mode
  6. Zoom In & Out
  7. Document Pan
  8. Color Apply
  9. Selection Basic
  10. Layer Basic
  11. Undo and Redo
  12. Document Save
  13. Advanced Tools Use
  14. Selection Tools
  15. Sub Selection
  16. Feather
  17. Anti-Alias
  18. Selection Style
  19. Image Resize
  20. Crop Tool
  21. Image Size
  22. Save for Web
  23. File Format


  1. Advanced Brush Tools
  2. Brush Tools Details
  3. Brush Setting
  4. Download Brush
  5. Create New Brush
  6. Image Retouch Technique
  7. Spot Healing Brush Tool
  8. Healing Brush Tool
  9. Patch Tool
  10. Red Eye Tool
  11. Clone Tool
  12. Pattern Stamp Tool
  13. Blur, Sharpen and Smudge Tools
  14. Dodge, Burn and Sponge Tools
  15. History Brush Tool
  16. Art History Brush Tool                
  17. Pen Tools Use
  18. Pen Tool
  19. Path Mode
  20. Shape Mode
  21. Path Selection Tool
  22. Direct Selection Tool                
  23. Gradient Technique
  24. Gradient Tool
  25. Paint Bucket Tool
  26. Image Adjustment
  27. Type Tools
  28. Character Palette                
  29. Advanced Image Manipulation Technique
  30. Eraser Tools
  31. Layer Lock
  32. Layer Merge
  33. Layer Mode
  34. Group and Ungroup
  35. Opacity and Fill
  36. Masking
  37. Clipping Mask                
  38. Blend Technique
  39. Blend Option
  40. Layer Adjustment
  41. Smart Layer
  42. Link Layer
  43. Align and Distribute
  44. Content Aware Scale
  45. Puppet Wrap
  46. Perspective Wrap                
  47. Advanced Tools Use
  48. Chanel
  49. Alpha Chanel
  50. Refine edge
  51. Action
  52. Animation
  53. Liquify
  54. Vanishing Point
  55. Advertisement Analysis
  56. Discussing about design fundamentals of an advertisement
  57. Edit Menu
  58. Select Menu
  59. Image Manu
  60. Filter MENU (Effects)
  61. Business Card Creation
  62. Web Template Creation Part
  63. Flayer Creation Part


  1. Live Market place
  2. Introducing Illustrator
  3. Using the Welcome Screen
  4. Comparison between Photoshop and Illustrator
  5. Introducing Vector Graphics
  6. Introducing Illustrator Interface, Tool bar and setting new document
  7. Object/ Shape creation using basic shapes and pen tool
  8. Selection Basics
  9. Introducing Anchor Points
  10. Introducing Fill and Stroke and Applying Color
  11. Object Arrangement and working with object grouping, locking and hiding
  12. Using Undo/Redo, Guide, Grid and Saving a Document as native format of illustrator
  13. Gradient Technique
  14. An overview of the color Palette
  15. Black VS Rich Black in the Color Palette
  16. Working with Swatches
  17. Introducing illustrator gradient and apply in object
  18. Using Swatches for gradient
  19. Introducing Object Transformation and working with scale, rotate and free transform tool.
  20. Copy forward and Copy Backward (Ctrl+F, Ctrl+B) and Transform again (Ctrl+D).
  21. Moving objects and Increments.
  22. Using the Offset Path Dialogue Box.                
  23. Powerful Pen Tool
  24. Drawing with the Pen Tool
  25. Modifying a Path and understanding Open and Close Path
  26. Making Use of the Join command
  27. Modifying and Converting Anchor Points
  28. Introducing Eraser, Scissors and Knife tools
  29. Share Tools
  30. Reshape Tools
  31. Gradient Mesh Technique
  32. An Overview of Gradient Mesh
  33. An Overview of Stroke and Strike Palette
  34. Explanation of Stroke Cap, Stroke Join and Stroke Dash & Gap
  35. Pathfinder Operations
  36. Introducing to the Pathfinder & Pathfinder Operations
  37. Cropping, United and Arranging
  38. Shape Builder Tool
  39. Creating Custom Gradients via Blending
  40. Customizing Blends for Specific Shapes
  41. Changing the shape of Customized Blends
  42. Masking Edges with clipping masks
  43. Masking the Shape of Customized Blends
  44. Typography Techniques
  45. Discussing Type Tool
  46. Explaining Character Palette
  47. Text with Paragraph Palette
  48. Type Menu Details
  49. Text Wrap
  50. Advance Techniques
  51. About Brush Tool
  52. Accessing Symbol Libraries
  53. Creating Symbols
  54. Applying Symbols with Symbol Spray Tool
  55. Modifying Symbols with Symbol Tools
  56. Overview on Transparency Palette
  57. Blend mode
  58. Creating Opacity Mask
  59. 3D Effects
  60. Applying and Adjusting the Extrude and Bevel effect
  61. Mapping the Artwork onto the Revolve effect
  62. Using Effects and appearances
  63. Applying effects
  64. Multiple fills & strokes on a path
  65. File, Edit, Object, Type, Select, View and Window
  66. Discuss & Conceptualizing about Logo Design
  67. Logo Concept Development for Marketplace
  68. Stationary Design
  69. UX/UI Design
  70. Live Marketplace Work