Virtual Assistant Training & Online Business Development

Virtual Assistant Training & Online Business Development

Course Objectives:

The Virtual Assistant course is designed to walk you through the process of preparing for a business of your own, upstarting your own business and transitioning into a successful VA business. You will learn how to research, what to research, how to target your market, how to make your VA business a boutique shop that caters to a particular industry or a general office that caters to all, how to grow your business and so much more. This course and some planning will position you to upstart your new business as quickly as possible.

Course Outline:

01: Exploring the Career of Virtual Assistant

  1. The Meaning of Virtual Assistant
  2. Advantages of Working as a VA
  3. VA Skill Requirements
  4. Candidates for the Job
  5. What Awaits Virtual Assistants

02: Formulating a Good Business Plan

  1. Why the Need for a Business Plan
  2. Goal and Objective Setting
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Company Analysis
  5. Customer Analysis
  6. Competitive Analysis
  7. Marketing Plan
  8. Operations Plan
  9. Management Plan
  10. Financial Plan

03: Fundamentals of Business Registration

  1. Tips for Business Naming
  2. The Process of Business Name Registration
  3. Different Legal Forms of Ownership
  4. Licensing Obligations of a Business Owner

04: What Constitutes a Good Virtual Office?

  1. Choosing the Virtual Location
  2. Must-Have Furniture
  3. Necessary Virtual Office Equipment
  4. Useful Software for Virtual Assistants
  5. A Need for Home Insurance

05: Useful Tools for VA Business

  1. Joining Virtual Assistant Organizations
  2. Attending Virtual Assistant Conferences
  3. Essential Online Tools for your Business

06: Tools for Data Organization

  1. Learning about Text Editors Notepad Wordpad TextEdit
  2. Microsoft Word: An Essential Word
  3. Creating and Opening Documents
  4. Saving Documents
  5. Enhancing Text and Characters
  6. Formatting Paragraphs
  7. The Use of Bullets and Numbers
  8. Utilizing Headers and Footers
  9. Style Selection
  10. Spelling and Grammar Correction
  11. Inserting Graphics and Pictures

07: Data Management and Protection

  1. Microsoft Excel: A Powerful Tool
  2. Defining Spreadsheet
  3. Cell Selection
  4. Data Entry
  5. Saving a New Workbook

08: Virtual Service Enhancement

  1. Levels of Organization in the Human Body
  2. Performing Self and Skills Assessment
  3. Making a Competitive Analysis
  4. Identifying Fields of Specialization

09: Establishing the Cost of Services

  1. Cost Estimation for Services
  2. Setting Service
  3. Charges Client Payment Process
  4. Ways of Getting Paid
  5. Importance of Bookkeeping System

10: Business and Service Promotion

  1. Determining Your Target Market
  2. Forming a Business Image
  3. Excellent Business Advertisements

11: Online Marketplaces for Your Business

  1. Upwork: Former Odesk and Elance
  2. Worker as a Service Marketplace
  3. Exploring the Website of Guru
  4. Craigslist: The Online Classified Ads

12: Social Media Integration in Your Marketing Plan

  1. The Need for Social Media in Business Promotion
  2. Purposes of Social Media Marketing
  3. How Innovations Affect Businesses
  4. Social Media Statistics

13: Online Communities as Marketing Tools

  1. Building Relationships through Online Communities
  2. Online Community Advantages to Business

14: Time Management for Task Efficiency

  1. The Art of Time Management
  2. Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Managing Tasks by Means of Prioritization
  4. Excellent Client Communication

15: Achieving a Balanced Life

  1. Crafting Schedule for Work
  2. The Significance of Family Time
  3. Balancing Personal and Business Life

16: Getting Ready for Business Growth

  1. Increasing Skills and Services Offered
  2. The Skill of Task Delegation
  3. Hiring Low Cost Assistance
  4. How to Work From Anywhere

17: Observing Ethical Values in Business

  1. Maintaining Business Ethics in Place
  2. The Issue of Confidentiality
  3. Excellent Work Practices
  4. Unethical and Illegal Practices to Avoid

18: Agreement Templates

  1. Independent Contractor Agreement Sample
  2. Sub-Contractor Master Agreement Sample
  3. Project Specific Agreement Sample

19: Document Templates for VA Business

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement Sample
  2. Website Privacy Policy
  3. Marketing Letter Sample
  4. Sample Flyer
  5. Customer Care Support